We want to partner with you on new residential construction.  There are a host of different ways to add technology to your home.  It has never been more available and more affordable, so take the time to consider what systems you want your custom home to have.   Please send us your Blueprints and we will give you consultation on available systems to increase your homes value.

What You Can Expect: Form and Function.


  • Appearance is critical.  We view our trade as an art. When electrical installations are exposed to sight we want to make sure the professional installation improves property value.
  • When we need your direction regarding aesthetics it can be fun to team up with you to provide the look you need.
  • Electrical work comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. We adapt and overcome challenges creatively.


  • Electricity is not only an art but also a science. We all enjoy the comforts and advantages of electricity properly harnessed. We want to make sure you and your investments have safe electrical installations to ensure your success.
  • The National Electrical Code is complex therefore requiring highly trained and licensed journeymen. Please use our knowledge to your fullest advantage when we are on site.


Commercial installations that boost your business! Let us team up with you to come up with solutions that get the results you need for your business field.

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